Gutenberg Street was named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the art of printing in the 15th century. He was thus responsible for one of the greatest milestones in human history. We wish you a pleasant time in our restaurant and hotel.

The building was built in the 1960s as a furniture store. It was erected in the design and construction of industrial buildings, and was used until the 1980s as a warehouse. The current owner acquired the property in 1990 and over time, he offered the premises for various uses such as a theater, offices, a furniture store as well as studios and workshops for small craft businesses.
In 2005, the idea came up to launch a hotel and restaurant for the region. It started with only 15 double rooms and a small restaurant. But soon thereafter, this was not sufficient and the decision was taken to expand the facilities so that gradually, another 17 rooms and apartments could be offered. The hotel was able to flourish and develop a successful business model, not least due to a very positive relationship with regional businesses as well as the people in the closer and wider surroundings.

"The house that welcomes a guest does not die."

Das Gutenberger in Lübeck
Gutenberger Hotel & Restaurant


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Gutenberger Hotel & Restaurant GmbH
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